Red Letter Media Has a Few Questions for Damon Lindelof

Posted by Ben Huber on Jun 15, 2012 in Cinema, Fandom

I’m going to guess most of you have probably check out Prometheus by now, and you’ve probably taken in the beautiful scenery, amazing sets, and simply awesome world Ridley Scott created on-screen. You’ve also probably got enough questions to choke a small animal, because Damon Lindelof’s vague script detracts from all the good elements in the film. Red Letter Media, the always hilarious bunch of folks who made the incredible 90-minute Star Wars prequel reviews, starring the creepy murderer Plinkett, have returned to ask a few questions about Prometheus’ story. Mike and Jay, from the Half in the Bag series, usually do insightful and dorky movie reviews, but it seems Prometheus has taken its toll on their brains. Check out the brain-melting question video above, then watch their full review here.

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