Way Too Cute for the Warehouse

Posted by Michael Sacco on Oct 28, 2011 in Television |

Warehouse 13 Claudia Maquette

She’s Warehouse 13‘s most junior officer, so it only makes sense that tough-gal techie Claudia would also get the most adorable maquette. ┬áThis particular maquette is “Animated” Claudia, meaning (of course) that she’s a little less…realistic than you might find in other statuettes. Thankfully, she’s got a meticulously sculpted rendition of her most iconic outfit, including some very, err, well-fitting jeans. She’s even got a Tesla in her pocket (no, she is not happy to see you). This limited-edition agent is a Quantum Mechanix exclusive — just make sure you put her somewhere nice instead of in, I don’t know, a warehouse?

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