Way Too Cute for the Warehouse

Posted by Michael Sacco on Oct 28, 2011 in Television

Warehouse 13 Claudia Maquette

She’s Warehouse 13‘s most junior officer, so it only makes sense that tough-gal techie Claudia would also get the most adorable maquette. ┬áThis particular maquette is “Animated” Claudia, meaning (of course) that she’s a little less…realistic than you might find in other statuettes. Thankfully, she’s got a meticulously sculpted rendition of her most iconic outfit, including some very, err, well-fitting jeans. She’s even got a Tesla in her pocket (no, she is not happy to see you). This limited-edition agent is a Quantum Mechanix exclusive — just make sure you put her somewhere nice instead of in, I don’t know, a warehouse? Read more…



Warehouse 13’s Gender-Bending Author Gets a Spinoff

Posted by Michael Sacco on May 13, 2011 in Television

Helena Wells

Warehouse 13 is apparently SyFy’s most popular show ever, so it makes sense that they’d want to milk it for all it’s worth. Enter spinoff! Yes, showrunner Jack Kenny announced he’s working with the scripted content-starved channel to create a Warehouse 13 spinoff starring, of all people, H. G. Wells. No, not the author. Well, kind of the author. See, on the show, Wells is actually a woman who let her brother write stories based on her real adventures with crazy inventions in the late 19th century, so the spinoff would focus on said adventures in that time period. Kenny describes it as “steampunky environment.” I worry whenever the term “steampunk” is used by a professional.

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