Capcom Announces Ace Attorney 5 For 3DS

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Phoenix Wright

It’s been a while since the last official numbered sequel to Capcom’s courtroom drama game, Ace Attorney. Though the third game, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations, was released on DS in 2007, it was originally released only in Japan on GBA in 2004. Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney hit America in 2008, and since then, there have been some additional rereleases and two spin-offs that served as interquels. Now, the time has come for the next Ace Attorney game, or Gyakuten Saiban 5 in Japan.

Famitsu has revealed that Ace Attorney 5 will feature the return of Phoenix Wright as the main character, regaining his lost lawyer status. He is joined by a new female partner dressed in yellow. The first case involves Phoenix defending Shinobu, a girl accused of causing a courtroom explosion, from prosecution courtesy of Winston Payne’s younger brother.┬áSome screenshots featuring silhouettes indicate that the gameplay will include some sort of update. “Courtroom minutes” are mentioned, while the evidence screen features emoticons in the corner.

Ace Attorney 5 will also have 3D graphics instead of 2D graphics, which disappoints me a little, since I loved the 2D animations that breathed so much life into the characters. More impressions of the game will surely pop up at this year’s TGS, where attendees can try out a 15-minute demo.

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