‘Invisible Predator’ Multiplayer Mode Added To Batman: Arkham Origins

Posted by Bob Muir on Aug 1, 2013 in Comic Books, Videogames |

Batman: Arkham Origins multiplayer

It seems like you can’t get to the third game of a series without multiplayer being thrown in along the way. As rumored, Batman: Arkham Origins will have a multiplayer mode called “Invisible Predator.” It’s an eight-player mode that pits two three-person gangs against Batman and Robin. Basically, Bane’s gang and Joker’s gangs play a game of territories against each other. Along the way, they need to fend off Batman and Robin, who are using stealth tactics to take out the gangs. If certain gang members meet up at the right place, one of them can become Bane or Joker themselves, which grants bonuses and paints a bigger target on their backs.

Admittedly, Invisible Predator does look like a fun mode. But like most multiplayer modes added to primarily single-player games, I’m not sure it needs to be there. I question how much the multiplayer will beyond the first few months post-launch. Hopefully it’s worth the extra cost and doesn’t detract from the main game.

Source: Destructoid

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