Next Batman: Arkham Origins DLC Probably Features Mr. Freeze

Posted by Bob Muir on Jan 2, 2014 in Videogames

Batman: Arkham Origins DLC

The first bit of “story” DLC in Batman: Arkham Origins wasn’t that impressive, since it was just Bruce Wayne training with ninjas in what are basically just challenge rooms. The next campaign looks more interesting though. We don’t have a name yet, but Warner Brothers is “inviting” gamers to Gotham’s Humanitarian of the Year Awards at Wayne Manor. We’ve got an award statue, a diamond, and a lot of ice, which means Mr. Freeze might be involved. Senior Producer Ben Mattes hints that this DLC “focus on one of the most key relationships in Batman canon,” so maybe it’s Freeze’s relationship with his wife, or his relationship with Batman. Either way, hopefully it’s more interesting than that last DLC. Read more…

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Hear Troy Baker As The Joker In Batman: Arkham Origins, Plus A New Villain

Posted by Bob Muir on Oct 15, 2013 in Comic Books, Videogames


Despite being a prequel and switching developers away from Rocksteady, Batman: Arkham Origins is actually shaping up to be an awesome entry in the Arkham series of videogames. One major cause for concern was Mark Hamill retiring from the role of the Joker, but Troy Baker sounded pretty good in recent trailers. If you want to completely erase your concerns, watch this clip from New York Comic-Con of Baker reading aloud a monologue from Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke, one of the best Joker-focused comics. Baker sounds right on the money, sounding natural and evoking Hamill’s performance. I’d say we have a worthy successor of voice actors here. Read more…

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PS3-Exclusive Batman: Arkham Origins Costumes, Featuring Adam West

Posted by Bob Muir on Sep 25, 2013 in Comic Books, Videogames

Adam West Batman outfit

Okay, the costume you see above isn’t literally Adam West. The Batman in Batman: Arkham Origins is still being voiced by Roger Craig Smith, and the costume won’t change that. But it’s definitely Adam West’s Batman outfit from the ’60s live-action TV show. And though this Batman is bigger and more ripped than Adam West was, I think it’s cool how the outfit makes him look slightly pudgy and soft, just like the TV series. But if this alternate costume doesn’t tickle your fancy, how about Azrael’s Batman outfit from the Knightfall storyline? It looks positively demonic, and perhaps almost too badass for my first playthrough of a game that’s supposed to be about Batman’s early days. If you’re liking these outfits, you may want to consider buying Batman: Arkham Origins on PS3, as they’ll be exclusive to that console. You also get five challenge maps, but aside from people with an unhealthy obsession for this game’s combat like me, the main thing I’d be worried about missing out on is these awesome costumes. Read more…

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Firefly Lights Up Batman: Arkham Origins

Posted by Bob Muir on Aug 21, 2013 in Comic Books, Videogames

Batman: Arkham Origins - Firefly

I’ll admit to being quite nervous about how Batman: Arkham Origins would turn out. It’s not being made by Rocksteady, who made the last two critically-acclaimed games. It’s missing Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill (Batman and the Joker). It’s a prequel, not following up on the tantalizing threads left by Arkham City. And it’s adding a multiplayer mode. But the latest trailer is the trailer that made me put down money for a preorder. It looks like a Gotham I want to explore and a story I want to experience. They even took Firefly, one of Batman’s b-list villains, and made him look kind of awesome and menacing! Plus, it helps that not only does Roger Craig Smith sound like a competent young Batman, but Troy Baker is doing an excellent job at emulating Hamill’s Joker, which is no easy task. Read more…

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‘Invisible Predator’ Multiplayer Mode Added To Batman: Arkham Origins

Posted by Bob Muir on Aug 1, 2013 in Comic Books, Videogames

Batman: Arkham Origins multiplayer

It seems like you can’t get to the third game of a series without multiplayer being thrown in along the way. As rumored, Batman: Arkham Origins will have a multiplayer mode called “Invisible Predator.” It’s an eight-player mode that pits two three-person gangs against Batman and Robin. Basically, Bane’s gang and Joker’s gangs play a game of territories against each other. Along the way, they need to fend off Batman and Robin, who are using stealth tactics to take out the gangs. If certain gang members meet up at the right place, one of them can become Bane or Joker themselves, which grants bonuses and paints a bigger target on their backs. Read more…

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Batman: Arkham Origins Features Deathstroke And Black Mask In First Trailer

Posted by Bob Muir on May 21, 2013 in Comic Books, Videogames

Batman: Arkham Origins fighting

If you remember the first trailer for Batman: Arkham City, the 2011 sequel that took gaming by storm, you’ll remember that it was just a long, highly-rendered cutscene. Though not as ridiculously detailed as that one, the first trailer for this fall’s prequel Batman: Arkham Origins is in the same vein, showing a younger Batman fighting Deathstroke and other assassins on Christmas Eve before coming face-to-face with primary antagonist Black Mask. Read more…

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