Team Fortress 2 Fifth Annual Halloween Event Begins: Helltower

Posted by Ben Huber on Nov 1, 2013 in Videogames |


Every year during Halloween, something special happens… something truly spooky! No, it’s not costumes and trick-or-treaters, it’s Team Fortress 2’s annual Scream Fortress event! Every year a map is transformed into a dark, spooky underworld where presents drop and candy reigns. This year they’ve adapted the Hightower map to become… Helltower. Also added are a new exclusive feature to this map: magic spells. Cast them at the opposite team to spook them out! Lastly, they added over 100 new community-made items, some of them even by people I know! All of those folks will be getting a cut of the money from those items sold, so if you decide to buy some items to dress up your character, know that you’re supporting real people! Now get out there and spook some folks!

Also be sure to check out the hilarious Halloween-themed comic set in the TF2 universe, in which the dead owners of the Red and Blu teams duke it out in the afterlife!

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