Team Fortress 2’s 6th Annual Halloween Update Goes Live

Posted by Ben Huber on Oct 31, 2014 in Videogames


Wow, it’s been six years running now that Team Fortress 2 has done a Halloween special update! Not too bad, Valve. The latest update features plenty of spooky spells, a Halloween-themed map, new hats (of course), and best of all: bumper cars! Playing on the new Halloween map features a section where you can bump and bash into everyone else in a rush to collect points and win. As usual, there’s also a short comic as well, featuring the incompetent wizard of the TF2 universe, Merasmus. Goofiness and spookiness awaits! Check out the update page here. Read more…

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Team Fortress 2 Fifth Annual Halloween Event Begins: Helltower

Posted by Ben Huber on Nov 1, 2013 in Videogames


Every year during Halloween, something special happens… something truly spooky! No, it’s not costumes and trick-or-treaters, it’s Team Fortress 2’s annual Scream Fortress event! Every year a map is transformed into a dark, spooky underworld where presents drop and candy reigns. This year they’ve adapted the Hightower map to become… Helltower. Also added are a new exclusive feature to this map: magic spells. Cast them at the opposite team to spook them out! Lastly, they added over 100 new community-made items, some of them even by people I know! All of those folks will be getting a cut of the money from those items sold, so if you decide to buy some items to dress up your character, know that you’re supporting real people! Now get out there and spook some folks! Read more…

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Make Your Own Spooky Flying Ghost

Posted by Ben Huber on Oct 27, 2013 in Hobbies and Collections


How do you make the perfect scary decoration for your Halloween party? What about ditching that silly light-up pumpkin and going with a flying ghost with glowing red eyes? I’d say that’s a good deal cooler. And scarier! Those trick-or-treaters won’t know what hit ’em. YouTube user Alton Porter found a light ghost and skull decoration, wired the LED lights to his quadcopter, and took flight! The result is an evil-eyed ghost that will be sure to get a few people to drop their bags of candy in fright. It looks easy enough to build your own, and that’s what is tempting me the most…! Read more…



To Boldly Trick Where No Baby Has Treated Before

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Oct 21, 2010 in Star Trek

Star Trek Baby Costumes

I’m not sure what it is that posesses people to dress their babies on Halloween, but assuming you’re one of those people — or at least you know someone who does — then these might be for you. Rather than butchering your favorite bathrobe, attaching a broken flash light and calling your kid a Jedi, you can dress them up like everyone’s favorite Vulcan. Better yet, you can dress your baby like Kirk just to see if they can do Shatner as well as Chris Pine did. What’s more, if you hurry and order one of these from ThinkGeek, chances are they’ll arrive by the 25th — that is, unless you order baby Spock toddler outfit. That one might show up in one to three weeks, and I honestly have no idea what you’d do with it aside from having them cosplay at the next Sci-fi convention. Don’t worry, they’ll be coolest kid there, aside from the one with the Darth maul face paint. They’re always such show-offs. Read more…

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Not Ready For Halloween? This Costume Can Pac a Punch

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Oct 14, 2010 in Videogames

Pac-Man Costume

With Halloween creeping up on us, many of you probably have your costumes already picked out. Some of us, on the other hand, like to procrastinate till the last minute. Well, here’s your chance to be proactive and hilarious at the same time without having to rely on your wit. That’s right, not only does this awesome Pac-Man costume look fantastic, but I’m pretty sure everyone in your office will find it hilarious to some degree. Of course, if you’d rather go as something lame like a ghost, you may as well make it one of these. It’s way better than a bed sheet — just don’t get mad if someone tries to eat you.

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Halloween from Almost a Hundred Years Ago

Posted by Michael Pinto on Oct 31, 2008 in Hobbies and Collections

halloween photo from the early 20th century

Digital archivist Steven Martin has put together an amazing collection of turn of the century photos entitled Halloween in the Time of Cholera. Most of the photos are from the 1910s — having grown up in the age of mass marketing what’s amazing to me is how homemade everything looks.

halloween photo from the early 20th century

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Dan Lawler Draws Halloween

Posted by Michael Pinto on Oct 31, 2008 in Pulp Fiction

Cover to Humpty Dumpty's magazine, October 1964. Illustrated by Dan Lawler.

In the early 60s Dan Lawler was the star illustrator of Humpty Dumpty’s Magazine for Little Children. What I like about his style is that he manages to be interesting yet charming in a magical way. In the illustration above from 1964 I love the little touches like the crow in the corner and the feather on the hat. In the spot 1961 illustration below Lawler draws you into the picture with his simple yet theatrical staging:

Spot illustration from Children's Digest magazine, October 1961.Illustrated by Dan Lawler.

Found via Glen Mullaly, check out his blog here and his Flickr account here.

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