R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy

Posted by Ben Huber on Mar 1, 2015 in Cinema, Star Trek


At this point, I don’t think I can say anything about Leonard Nimoy that hasn’t already been said by more eloquent people. He and his acting have left indelible memories with all of us and our pop culture. And not only was he a great actor, he was also a great person. Often that’s all too rare a combination these days. In this post I’m simply going to let some of Nimoy’s work speak for itself. Live love and prosper. Read more…

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Spockulations: Star Trek’s Latest Frontier

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Feb 8, 2012 in Star Trek

Spock Lobsterboy

Not too long ago, AICN reported that Directors Bryan Fuller and Singer — conveniently, also named Bryan with a ‘y,’ — were considering pooling their resources in an attempt to sell CBS and Paramount on a new Star Trek series. Since both directors are currently busy with their reboot of The Munsters, and the Trek film franchise still in full swing, it might be a while before the project sees any momentum. So how would you want to see it? A new franchise in the Abramsverse? A return to the prime universe with the history we all know and love? Read more…

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Crafty Kirk and Logical Spock Christmas Tree Ornaments

Posted by Michael Pinto on Nov 27, 2011 in Star Trek

Kirk and Spock Christmas Tree Ornaments

What I like about these Kirk and Spock Christmas Tree Ornaments is that they have a nice sense of style — they almost look art deco, yet are very cartoony and almost toy like. These ornaments are hand crafted by Lisa Penney who is based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Read more…

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Red Shirt Bunny is Expendable, Spock Bunny Less So…

Posted by Michael Pinto on Nov 12, 2011 in Hobbies and Collections, Star Trek

Expendable Star Trek Bunny

An average bunny can live for over ten years — however sadly a Star Trek red shirt bunny might not last more than ten seconds if beamed down to the wrong planet! This cute creature is the handy work of Jennifer Hugon who has a shop on Etsy called Woolykins. Logically her collection also includes a Spock bunny as well: Read more…

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Have a Cookie, It’s Only Logical

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Jul 14, 2011 in Hobbies and Collections, Star Trek

Spock Cookie Jar

Feast your eyes on the coolest cookie jar since the talking TARDIS. He might not transfer your cookies through time and space, but why would you ever need to when it’s perfectly logical to keep them in one place. ThinkGeek knows this, and that’s why they’ve given us this officially licensed Star Trek Mr.Spock cookie jar. Bearing the likeness of everyone’s favorite Vulcan — a tad more Nimoy than Quinto — this nifty ceramic bust is perfect for stashing your baked goods. Personally, I love it but I think I’d rather have one that looks like the late Jimmy Doohan — now, that man sure looked like he enjoyed a good cookie or two.  Nevertheless, it’s a pretty sweet collectible to have laying around your office or kitchen. If you’re curious, the jar retails for only $49.99. Order yours today.

Read more…

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Captain There’s Something Very Disturbing About This Vulcan…

Posted by Michael Pinto on Jul 8, 2011 in Japanese TV, Star Trek

chupa chups Japanese commercial from 1995

Chupa Chups is a Spanish brand of lollypops and in 1995 their Japanese agency this very odd advert featuring a Mr. Spock styled alien in a silver spacesuit which seems a bit, well you be the judge: Read more…



That Green-Blooded Son of a…

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Apr 20, 2011 in Star Trek

TeeFury Vulcan Mind t-shirt

While there’s plenty of Star Trek-themed paraphernalia to choose from these days, I haven’t found much in the way of clothes — at least, clothes that I’d find fashionable enough to wear out. Sure, I’m not afraid to admit that I own a replica of Kirk’s tunic from the 2010 film, and one of those nifty Original Series-themed bathrobes, but they’re both a tad costumey. However, on occasion, I come across something that catches my eye like this nifty design by TeeFury artist comic_city. It’d simplistic, yet bold and practically guarantees you a grin from any trekker passing by. Like all TeeFury products, the design will only be available for the next 24 hours and will only cost you $10 plus shipping, so pick yours up today.

Read more…

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See Spock Shill for Hallmark

Posted by Michael Sacco on Dec 25, 2010 in Star Trek

Ah, Christmas. If you watched TV in the 90s, you probably remember Hallmark’s relentless commercials for new commemorative ornaments around this time of year. They had one for everything! I had a little light-up space shuttle ornament with opening loading bays, even. What space shuttles have to do with Christmas, I have no idea. Speaking of shuttles, though, check out this Christmas miracle — a video of Leonard Nimoy appearing in a 1992 Hallmark ad for a Star Trek shuttlecraft ornament. If you thought his trademark Vulcan greeting meant “live long and prosper,” well, you might learn a little something today. Read more…

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Steampunk Star Trek Photography

Posted by Michael Pinto on Dec 13, 2010 in Fandom, Star Trek

Steampunk Star Trek Photography: spock

These wonderful Victorian styled Star Trek photos are he handy work of an artist known as Rabittooth. I really love how the artist has matched the role of each character on the show with an appropriate historical counterpart: Read more…

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To Boldly Trick Where No Baby Has Treated Before

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Oct 21, 2010 in Star Trek

Star Trek Baby Costumes

I’m not sure what it is that posesses people to dress their babies on Halloween, but assuming you’re one of those people — or at least you know someone who does — then these might be for you. Rather than butchering your favorite bathrobe, attaching a broken flash light and calling your kid a Jedi, you can dress them up like everyone’s favorite Vulcan. Better yet, you can dress your baby like Kirk just to see if they can do Shatner as well as Chris Pine did. What’s more, if you hurry and order one of these from ThinkGeek, chances are they’ll arrive by the 25th — that is, unless you order baby Spock toddler outfit. That one might show up in one to three weeks, and I honestly have no idea what you’d do with it aside from having them cosplay at the next Sci-fi convention. Don’t worry, they’ll be coolest kid there, aside from the one with the Darth maul face paint. They’re always such show-offs. Read more…

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Pizzazz: A Long Lost Marvel Youth Culture Mag from the 70s

Posted by Michael Pinto on Jul 1, 2010 in Battlestar Galactica, Comic Books, Star Wars

Pizzazz magazine published by Marvel issue #1

The late 70s wasn’t the best of time for the comic book biz so Marvel took a look at Dynamite magazine and Starlog magazine and created their own youth culture magazine called Pizzazz. The magazine was an amazing mirror of pop culture during the disco era of 1977 until 1979 and lasted a total of 16 issues. The inside of the publication featured articles on popular films, a Star Wars comic and even a one pager by Harvey Kurtzman. Read more…

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Are You Nuts for Kirk and Spock?

Posted by Michael Pinto on Apr 9, 2010 in Hobbies and Collections, Star Trek

Kirk and Spock Nutcrackers

These fine Kirk and Spock Nutcrackers are perfect for opening the L’maki nut which when pureed makes a wonderful blue cream cake frosting. Ah but that recipe is from Voyager, getting back to Kirk and Spock the pair of nut cracking officers will set you back about $20 for the four inch tall versions — or if you are more ambitious there is an eleven inch tall version of Spock and Kirk which go for about $33 each.

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Enterprising Cosplay for Kids: Toy Fair 2010

Posted by Michael Pinto on Feb 15, 2010 in Hobbies and Collections, Star Trek

Captain James Kirk costume by Rubles

I usually avoid the holiday focused booths at the Toy Fair, but Rubie’s had these adorable Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock Halloween which captured my heart. The manufacturer also has a full line of Watchmen costumes for adults who like to cosplay. Read more…

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Diamond is a Fanboy’s Best Friend: Toy Fair 2010

Posted by Michael Pinto on Feb 15, 2010 in Hobbies and Collections, Star Trek

Qee Bear Spock: Diamond at Toy Fair 2010

So much of the toy fair is really aimed at kids, and while there are fanboy friendly booths here and there Diamond is always a pleasure to visit with the variety of cool goodies that they have. Shown above is a Qee Bear Spock — and below you can see a wide range of toys from Alice in Wonderland to Mickey Mouse: Read more…

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Spock Reflects: Is This the Worst Comic Book of 2009?

Posted by Michael Pinto on Sep 23, 2009 in Comic Books, Star Trek

Star Trek: Spock: Reflections #3 (with improved dialogue)

Spock is sad that you messed up his comic book!Star Trek: Spock: Reflections #3 looks more like a bad coloring book than a real comic book. Now I’d love to blame the artists, but my bet is that they’re underpaid. I’d love to blame the writers, but my guess is that they’re given too little time and told “what ever”. I’d love to blame the publisher IDW, but then my guess is that they felt like they needed to cut corners because they paid too much for a license that’s seen as a cash cow. The fault that Star Trek: Spock: Reflections #3 looks so bad is because Paramount doesn’t give a damn about Star Trek. Read more…

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Spock Monkey is Curiously Logical

Posted by Michael Pinto on Jul 7, 2009 in Hobbies and Collections, Star Trek

Spock Monkey

The old sock monkey concept has now been logically upgraded with a Vulcan twist to begat the Spock Monkey! Designed by Etsy artist The Sock Drawer this creation was inspired by a viewing of the latest Star Trek film. Here are some other views of this crafty first officer: Read more…

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John Hodgman: The Great Nerd vs. Jock Debate and President Obama

Posted by Michael Pinto on Jun 20, 2009 in Fandom, Star Trek

John Hodgman is always fun to watch, but in his speech for the 2009 Radio and TV Correspondents’ Dinner he really excelled. Hodgman roasted the president for being a nerd in a long illustrated slideshow that included Superman and Spock references! My personal highlight comes at the 9:29 minute mark where President Obama flashes Hodgman with a Vulcan salute:

President Obama gives a Vulcan salute!

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To Boldly Go Where No Kokeshi Doll Has Gone Before

Posted by Michael Pinto on Jun 5, 2009 in Hobbies and Collections, Star Trek

Star Trek Kokeshi dolls

Kokeshi are traditional Japanese wooden dolls, and in this case artist Craig Galentine has given us his Star Trek twist on this beloved toy. Both Captain Kirk and Spock are available for your further perusal on Etsy along with Galentine’s other amazing goodies. Read more…

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The Cage Remastered: Give Me Back My Film Grain!

Posted by Michael Pinto on Apr 23, 2009 in Star Trek

Captain PikeThe first weekend in May they’ll be airing a remastered version of the Cage. The only problem I have with these remastered versions is that the Enterprise looks very CGI — what I’d rather see instead is to have them make the special effects look like a feature film from the 60s. The problem is that the CGI contrasts so much with the look of the original series that it’s distracting to the eye, you spend too much time looking at the animation and not the action. Also the CGI looks too clean, it needs some film grain and texture to match the original show: Read more…

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To Boldly Decorate Like No Other Fanboy Before

Posted by Michael Pinto on Apr 10, 2009 in Star Trek

Star Trek Peel and Stick Wall Applique

For me the original Star Trek will always be my first fanboy love — and if you feel the same way and want to show it this collection of over 20 different Star Trek Peel and Stick Wall Appliques can be a fun low budget way (only $13!) of showing your appreciation for those who went boldly where no other TV show went before. There are also two additional versions: On that features Captain Kirk and other with Mr. Spock: Read more…

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Spock as a Stenciled Street Art Icon

Posted by Michael Pinto on Mar 10, 2009 in Star Trek

Spock Stenciled Street Art: Spotted at Kenmare and Mott in NYC, the artist may be Nick Walker

While wandering around Kenmare and Mott in Manhattan I spotted this stenciled Spock street art which features him in his Wrath of Khan outfit sporting a Marilyn Monroe hairstyle. Clearly a homage to Warhol (as shown by the near by tomato soup spray can below) the artist is Mr. Brainwash.

Special thanks to Hrag Vartanian to identifying the street artist via his fast thinking tweets. Read more…

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The Latest Star Trek Posters Look Very Twilight Zone Like (But I Like Them)

Posted by Michael Pinto on Nov 11, 2008 in Star Trek

Kirk Character Poster for Star Trek XI - 2009

Read more…

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