To Boldly Trick Where No Baby Has Treated Before

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Oct 21, 2010 in Star Trek |

Star Trek Baby Costumes

I’m not sure what it is that posesses people to dress their babies on Halloween, but assuming you’re one of those people — or at least you know someone who does — then these might be for you. Rather than butchering your favorite bathrobe, attaching a broken flash light and calling your kid a Jedi, you can dress them up like everyone’s favorite Vulcan. Better yet, you can dress your baby like Kirk just to see if they can do Shatner as well as Chris Pine did. What’s more, if you hurry and order one of these from ThinkGeek, chances are they’ll arrive by the 25th — that is, unless you order baby Spock toddler outfit. That one might show up in one to three weeks, and I honestly have no idea what you’d do with it aside from having them cosplay at the next Sci-fi convention. Don’t worry, they’ll be coolest kid there, aside from the one with the Darth maul face paint. They’re always such show-offs.

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