Mini Replica Portal Gun is Perfect for Your Cat

Posted by Ben Huber on Oct 22, 2012 in Hobbies and Collections, Videogames


Ready to put your pets through some serious testing? Maybe you have a young child or robot that looks like a child and need to find the perfectly-sized Portal gun them. Thankfully, your strange requests have been fulfilled by ThinkGeek, and you can now get a mini Portal gun. It lights up and makes sounds just like the full-size replica that was sold earlier this year, but it’s smaller! ThinkGeek lists that it comes with a stand and a full-color gift box as well. I’m not sure why that’s a big deal, but maybe you really like gift boxes. In that case, head over there and get yourself one – it’s $59.99! Read more…

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Star Wars Ice Cube Trays Redux

Posted by Tim Sheehy on May 7, 2012 in Star Wars

Vader Ice Cube Tray
With Star Wars Celebration VI around the corner, you’ll want to start the celebration right! With that in mind, ThinkGeek has stocked a new line of Star Wars-themed ice cube molds. The designs include Darth Vader’s mask, Millennium Falcon, and a X-Wing starfighter. Unfortunately, none of them beat Han Solo frozen in carbonite, but I don’t think anyone would object to some iced Vader with their tea or vodka. Of course, you can also use the molds for other means, such as chocolate, or Jello. Millennium Falcon Jello shots? Yes, please. The molds are also incredibly affordable at just ~$10 a piece.

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ThinkGeek, Please Make These Peeps

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Apr 2, 2012 in Star Trek, Videogames

Marshmallow Creeps

Every year ThinkGeek likes to tease us with a wonderful array of fake products we’d love to waste money on. Well, some of us any way, and this year was no exception. Some of their better gag gifts this year included a Skyrim electronic dragon shout hoodie, Minecraft-themed green marshmallow peeps, or ‘Creeps,’ and even an inflatable Star Trek Captain’s chair. Okay, so that last one is actually a real product they’re selling. Still, a Skyrim dragon shout hoodie? I’d totally get one for Halloween next year. Read more…

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Replica WoW Doomhammer Is Excellent for Maiming Your Friends

Posted by Ben Huber on Jan 22, 2012 in Videogames


While the real Doomerhammer would probably be a little too heavy to wield normally, you can still settle for the next best thing with ThinkGeek’s Foam Doomerhammer Replica, now on sale at their website. It’s made from polyurethane and PVC piping, which ThinkGeek claims makes it “strong, yet lightweight.” It’s also 22 inches long, so you’re sure to be the envy of everyone at your next LARP. You can pick it up for $149.99, here. Read more…

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Last Minute Stocking-Stuffers for Geeks

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Dec 22, 2011 in Fandom

R2D2 Ice Cubes

Being a geek myself, I’ve received my fair share of Geek-themed stocking-stuffers over the years. Some have been awesome, and others not so much, so I’ve decided to throw together some quick suggestions for those of you in a rush. Don’t worry, we’re all guilty of a little procrastination every once in awhile.

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Aperture Laboratories Shower Curtains (Probably) Won’t Kill You

Posted by Ben Huber on Dec 2, 2011 in Videogames

Are you still there?

Portal 2 was one of my favorite games this year and probably the funniest, too. While I’m sure many of you are sick of all the cake and space jokes, these shower curtains from ThinkGeek featuring Aperture Laboratories now-iconic logo and some fine print are a much more subtle brand of humor. ThinkGeek has been on a roll recently with tons of Portal 2-branded merchandise, and while some of it is kind of silly, items like these shower curtains can add a little bit of geek cred to your bathroom without being completely ridiculous. Read more…

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This Pac-Man Ghost Lamp Will Have You Reaching for Your Pills

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Nov 29, 2011 in Hobbies and Collections, Videogames

Pac-Man Ghost Lamp

As those of us who spend our evenings glued to our laptops can tell you, nothing’s worse than accidentally knocking over your coffee in the dark. I’ve made the mistake more than once, so I’ve been looking for a solution that doesn’t involve leaving the lights on, and I think I might have just found it. Check out these awesome little Pac-Man Ghost lamps. Not only are the conveniently small, just four inches tall and just bright enough to light up my desk, but they speak to the retro-gamer — those of us who grew up on rolls of quarters and joysticks. Best yet, I can take it anywhere I take my laptop. The Ghost is powered via USB, so all I have to do it is find a port to plug it and I’m good to go. It’s also incredibly cheap, ThinkGeek currently has them on sale for just $10.  Read more…

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Pow Pow Power-Daleks!

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Nov 17, 2011 in Dr. Who

Get ready for the most adorable video ever. Believe it or not, this is an actual product — an inflatable, talking Dalek that a kid can actually drive around. Honestly, who needs Power Wheels when you can ride around threatening to exterminate people? Don’t bother trying to answer, it’s rhetorical. If I had a kid, this would be purchased immediately, despite the fact that you need a European power outlet or adapter to charge the sucker. I probably won’t have a niece or nephew old enough to drive one of these around for a few more years, I’m actually a little giddy at the thought. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll ever see an adult-sized model, but if anyone wants to build one for Halloween next year, that would be really cool. If you do, take pictures or shoot a video for us please. If, on the other hand, you want to pick one of these up, you can actually import one, just keep in mind my note about the power adapter. The Ride-in Dalek retails for a hefty $299.99 and ThinkGeek will toss in an optional adapter for an additional $20.
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Have a Cookie, It’s Only Logical

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Jul 14, 2011 in Hobbies and Collections, Star Trek

Spock Cookie Jar

Feast your eyes on the coolest cookie jar since the talking TARDIS. He might not transfer your cookies through time and space, but why would you ever need to when it’s perfectly logical to keep them in one place. ThinkGeek knows this, and that’s why they’ve given us this officially licensed Star Trek Mr.Spock cookie jar. Bearing the likeness of everyone’s favorite Vulcan — a tad more Nimoy than Quinto — this nifty ceramic bust is perfect for stashing your baked goods. Personally, I love it but I think I’d rather have one that looks like the late Jimmy Doohan — now, that man sure looked like he enjoyed a good cookie or two.  Nevertheless, it’s a pretty sweet collectible to have laying around your office or kitchen. If you’re curious, the jar retails for only $49.99. Order yours today.

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Hoodies From a Galaxy Far Far Away

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Jun 16, 2011 in Comic Books, Star Wars

Star Wars Costume Hoodies

These Star Wars hoodies look cool by themselves, but every image I’ve seen of someone wearing one has them looking like a Japanese Sentai hero, or a Mexican Luchador.  I really can’t decide if I want one or not. On some level, looking like a Sentai might be awesome, but you’d also look like the least intimidating thief to ever step in a 7-Eleven. If it’s looking like a superhero we’re worried about, we may as well pick up one of these officially licensed Marvel hoodies instead. Sure, they don’t provide a makeshift helmet, but at least they look silk enough to wear out on a regular basis — the Spider-Man ones do, any way.  If you’re looking to pick one up yourself, each of these hoodies will run you $49.99 via ThinkGeek.

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Romulan Ale, It’ll Give You Wings

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Mar 31, 2011 in Star Trek

Romulan Ale Energy Drink

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Romulan Ale suppose to be alcoholic? I thought as much — which is why I’ve found myself wondering why anyone would ever consider making it an energy drink. Maybe someone thought blueberry soda would be a great idea and realized it actually tastes pretty nasty so they upped the caffine and slapped the term “energy drink” on it. That’s one theory, at least. The last time I had something claiming to be Romulan Ale, it was actually German beer with some food blue coloring — not the best beer I’ve ever had, but the novelty was certainly there. Any way, if you’re interested in trying some, ThinkGeek is selling a six-pack for $15. Expensive, right?

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23rd Century Bathwear

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Mar 8, 2011 in Star Trek

Kirk Bathrobe

I never thought I’d need a Starfleet-issued bathrobe — that is, until I saw one. Fashioned after their Star Trek original series counterparts, these terrycloth robes come designed with fanboys in mind. For instance, “Command Gold” comes em captain’s rank properly embroidered on the sleeves, along with a command insignia on the left breast. “Sciences Blue” features a commander rank and sciences insignia. For now, those are the only colors available. If you’d rather hold out in hopes of picking up Scotty’s red, those should be available by April. The robes cost a hefty $49.99 via ThinkGeek, but something tells me it’s worth it.

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Your Very Own Klingon Spy Detector

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Feb 3, 2011 in Star Trek


There’s nothing quite like owning your very own Tribble. They’re cute, adorable, and run on AA and AAA batteries — well, these ones do. Thankfully you’ll probably never have to worry about running into a Klingon, so I imagine they’ll probably stick to purring contently whenever you handle one. In addition to that, they won’t infest your starship, closet, or bed unless you purchase enough of them. Unlike their Original Series counterparts, they’re not born pregnant. As Kirk so poignantly put it, “Too much of anything, Lieutenant, even love, isn’t necessarily a good thing.” Read more…

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