Basketball Tricks Made More Impressive With A Portal Gun

Posted by Ben Huber on Dec 28, 2014 in Fandom, Videogames


Basketball trick shot videos and, well, trick shot videos in general have been incredibly popular — because hey — it’s fun to see people do crazy things dramatically. But suffice to say, they’ve kind of gotten a little long in the tooth, so what if someone gave it a twist? And by a “twist” I mean putting a Portal gun in it. Corridor Digital have created a silly video featuring two scientists dunking with the aid of a Portal gun, bro-ing it up with high-fives and screaming at the camera, just like you’d expect. Check out the video below, then imagine using a Portal gun for your own “sick dunks.” Read more…

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What If Smash Bros. Featured Valve’s Characters?

Posted by Ben Huber on Jun 2, 2014 in Fandom, Videogames


Smash Bros. is a great game because Nintendo has such a huge catalog of iconic characters to pull from, but not many other companies could pull off a similar feat. YouTube user crazyhalo definitely thinks Valve could do it, as they have created a video that remakes the intro film from Super Smash Bros. Melee with all of Valve’s characters. Gordon Freeman, the Heavy, Dog, every Dota character, Chell, and more are featured in this. If you’ve played Melee, this video will probably bring up a lot of memories, as it’s a pitch-perfect reproduction. Check out the video below! Read more…

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ThreeA Portal 2 Figures of Atlas and P-Body on the Way

Posted by Ben Huber on May 18, 2013 in Hobbies and Collections, Videogames



ThreeA has some skilled people working there. I love the character and design put into their figures and models, but their recent penchant for picking up licenses is really neat too. Next up? Atlas and P-Body from Portal 2! These two will be available for an unknown amount sometime this month on the Bambaland store. As soon as the pre-orders go up you’ll probably want to rush in and claim a pair for yourself, because these typically go very fast. Check out some more images below of these excellent 1:6th scale figures. Read more…

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Telltale Announces Poker Night 2, Featuring Awesome Cast

Posted by Bob Muir on Apr 2, 2013 in Videogames

Poker Night 2

It’s fairly hard to sort out the real news from the fake news on April Fool’s Day, but here’s something from yesterday that we’re pretty sure is true, since there were rumors about it prior to April 1. Telltale Games, known for their adventure games and most recently the critically acclaimed game version of The Walking Dead, has announced Poker Night 2. It’s a sequel to 2010’s Poker Night at the Inventory, which featured Team Fortress 2‘s Heavy Weapons Guy, Homestar Runner‘s Strong Bad, Sam & Max‘s Max, and Penny Arcade‘s Tycho. Read more…

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The Turret Anthem – The Source Filmmaker Works of Zachariah Scott

Posted by Ben Huber on Jan 27, 2013 in Fandom, Videogames


I guess the ingenuity of the internet should never be questioned. Source Filmmaker is an impressive tool, but more impressive are the works coming out of it, made by fans. The recent videos making waves are The Turret Anthem and A Smissmass Massacre, two incredibly well-done short films that feature Portal characters in the former and Team Fortress 2 characters in the latter. Zachariah Scott has filled his YouTube page with great work, but these two most recent ones really do stand above the rest. Keep up the good work! Read more…

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3D-Printed Portal 2 Atlas Figure Now Has a Stand

Posted by Ben Huber on Jan 5, 2013 in Hobbies and Collections, Videogames


A while back, Psychobob created a custom 3D-printed figure of Portal 2 robot companion Atlas, and it was awesome. Actually, it still is awesome, but now it’s even better with a new stand he made for it. Modeled after the pressure-sensitive buttons from the game, this bright-red stand is also 3D-printed and makes the perfect display piece for Atlas. Honestly, I just really want one myself. Psychobob, get in touch with me – we’re going to make the entirety of Aperture via 3D printing. Maybe. At the very least, ThreeA toys is releasing their own Atlas and P-body figures eventually, but that’ll probably be a long time coming. So until then, we’ll make do with Psychobob’s awesome work. Visit his blog for details of the whole process! Read more…



Mini Replica Portal Gun is Perfect for Your Cat

Posted by Ben Huber on Oct 22, 2012 in Hobbies and Collections, Videogames


Ready to put your pets through some serious testing? Maybe you have a young child or robot that looks like a child and need to find the perfectly-sized Portal gun them. Thankfully, your strange requests have been fulfilled by ThinkGeek, and you can now get a mini Portal gun. It lights up and makes sounds just like the full-size replica that was sold earlier this year, but it’s smaller! ThinkGeek lists that it comes with a stand and a full-color gift box as well. I’m not sure why that’s a big deal, but maybe you really like gift boxes. In that case, head over there and get yourself one – it’s $59.99! Read more…

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Portal 2 Fan Creates Animated Version of the Game

Posted by Ben Huber on Sep 22, 2012 in Fandom, Videogames


Have you ever wondered what Portal might look like if it was animated by Disney? Here’s your first look at a work made by Chelsea GR (username NQN), a Portal fan who re-created a scene from the beginning of Portal 2 in a unique style. This animated short takes audio from the game and matches it up with art she created, and suffice to say, it’s an impressive work for a single individual. So, now that’d you’ve seen this, who wants an official Saturday morning cartoon of Portal 2? Hello? Valve? Read more…



Meet the Cores in This Portal 2 Fan-Film

Posted by Ben Huber on Aug 6, 2012 in Fandom, Videogames

Portal 2 had some great characters, and Harry Callagan (Harry101UK) wanted to try his hand at them too. So why not create a CGI fan-film? This 5-minute long video features some of the best Personality Cores from Portal 2, as well as a few Harry created on his own, to add to the cast. He spent three week making this along with a few friends, and it turned out fantastic! I can’t wait to see what else he creates in the future.



Cave Johnson is Back to Sell You Alternate Universes and DLC

Posted by Ben Huber on Apr 28, 2012 in Videogames

You’re going to have to forgive me for bringing up Portal 2 again so soon, because this new trailer featuring J.K. Simmons reprising his role as Cave Johnson is hilarious. If you pay attention to the computer screens, you can also catch a short glimpse of Meet the Pyro, Valve’s final short film for Team Fortress 2. I must also admit, the idea of utilizing alternate earths as gardens for harvesting creative ideas while never paying for them is very clever. However, what if the earth creating that idea is already being used by another earth for their ideas? It boggles the mind. I think.



Portal 2 DLC Arrives May 8th, Brings Custom Map Creator

Posted by Ben Huber on Apr 27, 2012 in Videogames


I know a lot of you have been interested in Valve’s teasing of a map creation tool for their ace 2011 first-person puzzler, Portal 2. It was one of my favorite games to come out last year, so more free downloadable content is always welcome. Valve has officially announced the “Portal 2 Perpetual Testing Initiative” which will allow players to create and share their custom-made maps. You’ll be able to easily pull new levels from the Steam Workshop – with a single click it’ll be added to the game next time you start it. Read more…

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Now You Can Own A Real Portal Gun (Minus the Making-Portals Part)

Posted by Ben Huber on Feb 11, 2012 in Hobbies and Collections, Videogames


NECA promised us a Portal gun replica a while back, and now it’s finally up for pre-order! At least, on Japanese toy sites. Yes, the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device can soon be yours, for only ¥16,000. That’s almost $200, with our currently delightful exchange rate. However, most sites discount it for pre-orders and Hobby Search (sold out) has it for roughly ¥13,000, while AmiAmi is running at ¥12,400 (still available). But, there’s this little thing called Toy Fair happening next week where we’ll be hearing more about an American release. Read more…

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Aperture Laboratories Shower Curtains (Probably) Won’t Kill You

Posted by Ben Huber on Dec 2, 2011 in Videogames

Are you still there?

Portal 2 was one of my favorite games this year and probably the funniest, too. While I’m sure many of you are sick of all the cake and space jokes, these shower curtains from ThinkGeek featuring Aperture Laboratories now-iconic logo and some fine print are a much more subtle brand of humor. ThinkGeek has been on a roll recently with tons of Portal 2-branded merchandise, and while some of it is kind of silly, items like these shower curtains can add a little bit of geek cred to your bathroom without being completely ridiculous. Read more…

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The Cake is a Lie; the Doctor Always Lies

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Oct 19, 2011 in Dr. Who, Videogames

TeeFury Portal Who t-shirt

I love crossover art, especially when it combines two things I love, such as Doctor Who and video games — and in this case, Valve’s Portal 2. The piece was designed by an Australian outlet known as Lost Hero Creative. While the reference is pretty straight forward, the T.A.R.D.I.S. being a device capable of traveling through time via portals, the image actually reminds me of that recent two part special, Time, in which the blue box decided to materialize within itself. If you feel like sporting it, TeeFury has the design available for the next 24 hours. As usual, the shirt should only cost you $10 + shipping.

Read more…

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Man Made, Portal 2 x Mad Men Mashup

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Apr 26, 2011 in Television, Videogames

It’s not as nifty as crafting your own Portal 2-themed Easter egg, but this little crossover video by YouTube user Prefim is pretty cool. The video takes the intro to Mad Men and thrusts it into the world of Portal 2 with some stunning results — it almost seems natural. Within a day of being posted, the video shot to 32,000 views. Impressive, right?

Read more…

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Make a Note: Easter is a Huge Success

Posted by Michael Sacco on Apr 24, 2011 in Videogames

Portal 2 Turret Easter Egg

Happy Easter! This turret Easter egg comes to you from Markt022002’s Flickr page. Portal 2 has been (no pun intended) a huge success in the few days since its release; what better game to celebrate Easter with? “Still Alive,” indeed. Now if only I could use some of those portals to get to my aunt’s house for holiday dinner (and then back home again before my uncle starts talking to me about venture capitalism). Read more…

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