New Poster for Godzilla is Fantastic

Posted by Ben Huber on Feb 21, 2014 in Cinema


You know, when you have something good, sometimes it’s okay to just keep doing it. The first poster for the upcoming Godzilla film featured the paratroopers and their red smoke trails as they dove down towards the iconic beast… and so did the trailer. And so does the second poster! It’s just such a cool bit of imagery that I’m totally fine with them using it everywhere. Now you’ve just got to make the actual scene in the film live up to everyone’s expectations, don’t you? This new poster is one I’d totally be willing to hang up in my place. Check out the full image below. Read more…

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Thousands Of Images From Aliens Make Up This Aliens Poster

Posted by Bob Muir on Feb 14, 2013 in Cinema

Aliens Mosaic Poster Preview

Looking for something to wash that awful taste out of your mouth now that Aliens: Colonial Marines is out and apparently sucks? Let’s return to the days when the Alien franchise was always good, specifically the original Aliens. In a “Hey dawg, we heard you like Aliens, so we put Aliens in your Aliens” move, Annapurna Pictures has recreated the Aliens movie poster with images from the film. Read more…

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Baccano! x Inception

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Feb 16, 2011 in Animation, Design

Baccano! x Inception

Check out this fantastic little mash-up by writer & graphic designer Ben Huber. Anyone who’s a fan of Baccano! will recognize the characters but the image is quite clearly paying homage to a certain poster from Christopher Nolan’s  box office hit, Inception. On top of that, you’ll really appreciate the attention to detail, as while you may be unable to see the text without enlarging the image, those credits are completely accurate. It sort of blows my mind that he had time to do that, but it’s certainly cool that he did.

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Star Wars Posters Reimagined

Posted by Michael Pinto on Dec 20, 2010 in Hobbies and Collections, Star Wars

Olly Moss - Star Wars

This is a beautifully done series of art posters created for the collectible art house Mondo. Shown above is Star Wars by the artist Olly Moss — here are some other nice gems that are part of the series: Read more…

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Even More Star Wars Poster Parodies

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Dec 15, 2010 in Cinema, Star Wars

Star Wars Poster Parodies 1

I still don’t get why people take the time to make these Star Wars poster parodies, but it would seem they’re becoming more popular. Back in October, I shared several examples of these alt-art posters and they proved to be somewhat entertaining, so here we are again with another set — this time, by artist Matt Ranzetta. While I personally can’t say I love the posters themselves, I can’t really knock Matt’s taste in cinema. They also fit the subject matter quite well, all things considered. I’ll admit that Cool Hand Luke made me giggle a little, though.

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Abrams’ Trek Goes Retro-futuristic

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Nov 9, 2010 in Star Trek

Star Trek Propaganda Posters - Boldly Go

No, Abrams didn’t revive Flash Gordon — though, I really wish he would. Instead, these retro-futuristic propaganda posters feature the his reimagined Trek, captured brilliantly with an art deco approach. Of course, the designs already lent themselves to it, but that doesn’t make them any less cool. Lucky for me, I can’t really pick a favorite which is why it’s probably a good thing that ThinkGeek is forcing us to buy the lot of them rather than selling these individually. Unfortunately, if you do have a favorite, that might pose a bit of a problem. The set of four will run you roughly $30. My suggestion? Buy them, take one and sell the rest on ebay. Piece of cake, right? Read more…

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Star Wars Movie Posters With a Twist

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Oct 20, 2010 in Design, Star Wars

Star Wars alt poster

I love alt-art, but I love parodies even more. Recently, a friend showed me — a site that specializes in alt-art posters for our favorite films. What’s more, many of these alternatives are parodies of some of the more iconic posters from years past. For example, the fantastic Star Wars Episode IV poster, shown above, is actually a parody of the poster from Stanley Kubrick’s classic Full Metal Jacket. I’ve went ahead and thrown a few more Star Wars posters below, but you really need to check out their site. They have everything from Superman II to more recent works like Oldboy — and best yet, you can actually order prints for some of these while supplies last. Read more…

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Yet More Star Trek XI Hype: New Posters of Uhura & a Darth Maul Clone

Posted by Michael Pinto on Nov 22, 2008 in Star Trek

Star trek XI Poster: Uhura

Star Trek XI won’t be out for months but I already feel like I’ve seen the whole thing! The latest chapter in the hype express includes two new character posters — one of Uhura and the other of Nero the Romulan villain of the film. I already get a bad feeling from the fact that Nero is sporting a tattoo, but I hope the producers don’t make the classic Darth Maul mistake and introduce a cool bad guy only kill him off by the end of the film. Read more…

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The Latest Poster for The Spirit Makes Me Dispirited

Posted by Michael Pinto on Nov 21, 2008 in Comic Books

The Spirit Poster

I’m keeping my fingers crossed, but I don’t have high hopes for The Spirit. Don’t get me wrong from what I’ve seen of the film looks fantastic (so it’s not a lack of budget), but it looks like the movie won’t be true to the spirit of the comic book that Will Eisner created. Eisner’s characters would be very much at home on the set of a film noir movie, but his stories aren’t about action heroes but about regular folks (so to speak).

Instead of a ham fisted approach to the movie I would have preferred that a team Coen Brothers tackle a film like this instead of trying to make the property into something that it’s not. Also at the risk of sounding like a whiney fanboy — you’ll notice the one thing that’s missing from that poster is Will Eisner’s name in big letters. Yeah I know that’s not “part of the marketing”, but it tells me that there’s a lack of respect for the story.

Poster found via

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Watchmen Posters: The City is Afraid of You, but the Fanboys Love You!

Posted by Michael Pinto on Nov 12, 2008 in Comic Books

Watchmen Character Poster of Rorschach (Jackie Earle Haley)

I’ve been reading that the ending of the Watchmen film will be different than the graphic novel, however these six character posters give me quite a bit of hope. I had my doubts about the casting but this is starting to look right! Above is the poster for Rorschach (Jackie Earle Haley), and below are the posters for Ozymandias (Matthew Goode), Silk Spectre II (Malin Akerman), The Comedian (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), Nite Owl II (Patrick Wilson) and Dr. Manhattan (Billy Crudup). Read more…

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The Latest Star Trek Posters Look Very Twilight Zone Like (But I Like Them)

Posted by Michael Pinto on Nov 11, 2008 in Star Trek

Kirk Character Poster for Star Trek XI - 2009

Read more…

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