Stand-Alone Kinect For Xbox One To Be Sold For $150

Posted by Bob Muir on Aug 28, 2014 in Videogames |


One of the reasons why the Xbox One faltered after launch was that many consumers just didn’t want to be forced to buy the new Kinect camera, bundled with every console for $500. Microsoft has since made a Kinect-less version for only $400, which has brought in more gamers (though still not as many as Microsoft wanted, since many have already purchased a PS4). But what about those who bought the system and soon wanted the Kinect after all, perhaps after realizing the confusing UI is best navigated with relatively-reliable voice commands? They will soon be able to purchase a stand-alone Kinect on October 7.

But to keep value in the bundle, the stand-alone Kinect will cost $150, which is $50 more than the bundled value of Kinect. To compensate, the Kinect will include a download code for Harmonix’s $15 Dance Central Spotlight, which includes 10 songs and lets you buy more as DLC. I wonder how many people will actually buy this? I’d figure if you really didn’t want motion controls, you probably weren’t going to change your mind later.

Source: Xbox Wire

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