Hodor Won’t Be In Season 5 Of Game of Thrones

Posted by Ben Huber on Sep 6, 2014 in Television |


Some mild controversy went through the Game of Thrones world yesterday, when Kristian Nairn, the actor for Hodor (and also a world-tour DJ, yes, really) said that he and Bran (played by Isaac Hempstead-Wright) wouldn’t appear in season 5 of the show. An interview with Hempstead-Wright that showed up later in the day featured the actor stating very plainly that he is indeed filming season 5. So what does this say? Quite simply, Hodor is not in season 5, and Bran is. I also would guess that since Bran’s “book content” has nearly been used up, they are instead going to either a) create filler content featuring only Bran or b) used Bran as a vehicle to display flashbacks, giving show viewers a taste of the complex backstory Game of Thrones has. And I really hope it’s the latter.

Seen via WotW.

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