Five 3D Movies That Might Get You Pregnant

Posted by Gia Manry on May 14, 2010 in Cinema

Uh...are you SURE this one is mine?...

Her name may not be Mary, but one Jennifer Jhonson (if that’s a typo, I can blame it on TechEye) claims to have conceived a child in a fashion that could be called…”immaculate”? Or perhaps just “desperate.”

See, when her hubby Erick came home from a tour in Iraq he found his wife pregnant– but according to her, there was no earthly father. But rather than laying the child at the feet of a holy deity, Jennifer claimed to have been impregnated as the result of watching a 3D porno flick.

Perhaps even more amazingly, Erick has proven as willing to take this explanation was as Joseph a couple thousand years ago. But let’s face it– 3D films have been around longer than the current trend. In fact, many of the following films are old enough that they could theoretically have “fathered” you and me. So without further ado: five 3D flicks that might impregnate a female viewer! Read more…

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Alfin: An 80s Anime Princess Rediscovered

Posted by Michael Pinto on Feb 8, 2010 in Animation, Hobbies and Collections

Crusher Joe Alfin Statue

Alfin from Crusher JoeI was pleasantly surprised to come across this Alfin Statue from Crusher Joe because I was convinced that I must be one of a handful of anime fanboys who still remember that amazing film. Yet sadly while most fans today know about Gundam or Yamato very few fans even know about Crusher Joe (クラッシャージョウ). So here’s why the film was important and worth getting your hands on: Read more…

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Vintage Video Arcade Gum from the 80s

Posted by Michael Pinto on Apr 19, 2009 in Videogames

Topps - Video Arcade Gum candy ad sell sheet - 1983

I’ve always associated Topps with their amazing baseball cards but I had no idea that they ever did anything this clever: In 1983 they had a series of “Video Arcade Gum” which came in individual boxes that were shaped like (you guessed it) video arcade games! I’m surprised that this product never took off because I don’t remember seeing it back in the day. The games they featured included Donkey Kong, Q*bert, Zaxxon, Frogger and Centipede. The quality of these package designs looks great: Read more…

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Chocolate Milk and Atari: What More Could You Ask for in 1983?

Posted by Michael Pinto on Feb 8, 2009 in Videogames

That old Jesuit quote of “Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man” always comes back to haunt me when I see old commercials like this for Nestle Quick from 1983. Years later as a elder fanboy I find myself addicted to mocha flavored coffee drinks and still playing with computers day and night. By the way the bunny is playing with an Atari 2600 VCS: Read more…

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Watch Out He-Man — It’s Trap Jaw! (String Not Included)

Posted by Michael Pinto on Jan 7, 2009 in Animation, Hobbies and Collections

The year is 1983 and as an art school student me and my buds are convinced that the era we were in was a low point for animation — except for Anime! Even though a generation has grown up loving He-Man we tested the dude, because his D&D routine wasn’t half as cool as Star Blazers or Mobile Suit Gundam. Looking back I still stand by my thesis of the lack of quality in Filmation productions, but now I can see how a generation of kids could look fondly back on this stuff. Read more…

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Nintendo Game & Watch: Japanese & American Style

Posted by Michael Pinto on Nov 13, 2008 in Japanese TV, Videogames

Long before the Nintendo DS there was the Game & Watch (ゲーム&ウオッチ Gēmu ando Wotchi) which were handheld games produced between 1980 and 1991. What’s funny looking at these commercials is that the Japanese ad above seems to be much more honest about what the product is, while the American ad below (which is from 1983) uses rather elaborate animation and shows the product in action for just a few seconds. Also notice how the Japanese ad is more aimed at young adults while the American ad is just for kids. Read more…

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Dragon’s Lair Returns!

Posted by Michael Pinto on Jul 30, 2006 in Videogames

It looks like the 80’s classic Don Bluth laser disc game Dragon’s Lair is back:

Review: Dirk is back in ‘Dragon’s Lair HD’

It’s been 23 years since Dirk the Daring first vowed to rescue Princess Daphne from the clutches of a nasty dragon, Singe. As the world’s first laserdisc arcade game, “Dragon’s Lair” looked more like a Saturday morning cartoon than a video game, created by former Disney animator Don Bluth (“An American Tail,” “The Land Before Time”) with lead game designer and programmer, Rick Dyer.

Millions of gamers dumped quarter after quarter to control the brave but dopey knight, and many home-based versions have surfaced over the years for computers, video game systems and even DVD players. But this week, publisher Digital Leisure begins selling a new PC version, the first with high-definition video. To create “Dragon’s Lair HD,” the company says a sophisticated film transfer technology was employed to preserve the original Cel animation. Plus, for the first time, the game’s audio was remastered in 5.1 surround sound. The result is a gorgeous but short-lived and pricey adventure that will likely appeal only to those with a sentimental soft spot for the 1983 arcade game.

For more info check out:

Digital Leisure


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