Could Hasbro’s My3D Let Apple Take a Bite Out of the 3DS?

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Nov 10, 2010 in Tech, Videogames

Virtual Boy

Hasbro is reportedly developing an accessory that allows users to experience immersive 3D using Apple’s iDevices. The product, known as My3D, requires what the use of binoculars which attach to your iPhone or iPod, allowing you to simulate 3D. Under normal circumstances I’d post the image of the My3D accessory that’s been floating around the net, but seeing as it belongs to AP, who have been more litigious than normal as of late, you’ll have to settle for this lovely image of Nintendo’s Virtual Boy.

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This iPhone Case Lets You Play With Power

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Nov 2, 2010 in Videogames

Famicom iPhone Case

I imagine the first thought that’s probably running through most people’s heads would be “what’s wrong with that NES controller?” Well, good call. This slick little iPhone 4 case is actually modeled after a Japanese Famicom controller, hence the red and gold color scheme. Personally, I liked it but I wouldn’t dare question Nintendo’s decision-making process to rebrand their product stateside — it was only the best selling console of that era. Still, this design should speak to you, and if the classic d-pad or button layout aren’t enough, the fact that it’s an import might sweeten the pot in terms of nerd-cred. You can order them through, but you’ll want to note that these are imported and will probably cost you a bit.

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Apple’s Japanese iPhone Ads Seem Familiar

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Aug 17, 2010 in Japanese TV, Tech

Generally, Japanese commercials tend to be a bit more outlandish than our own TV spots, so I was a bit surprised to learn that Apple hasn’t really done much to change the format of their recent iPhone 4 ads for an international market, aside from hiring Japanese actors of course. It would seem that Apple has focused almost entirely on their Face Time feature, hoping that live video chat would be enough to sell anyone on their reception-impaired smart phone. To be fair, a simple case can fix that, but why should there be a problem in the first place — right? Any ways, the commercials are still pretty cute. I just wonder if it’s enough to steal NTT Docomo’s loyal fan base.

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A Designer iPhone Case Fit For an Otaku

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Aug 12, 2010 in Animation, Videogames

iphone touhou case

If you’re reading this, you probably own an iPhone, and if you pride yourself on being an otaku, there’s a good chance that you love Touhou Project too. If you’re not really sure what that is, don’t worry, I can explain. The Touhou Project is series of indie games developed in Japan that has immensely grown in popularity over the last decade. The series later evolved into a franchise with everything from light novels, to doujinshi. It’s primarily popular amongst Japanese otaku, making this iPhone case a must have accessory for those of you who want to show off to your otaku friends — that is, assuming your still own an iPhone 3G ,or 3GS. 

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Nimble Strong: A Great Mixer of Anime and Alcohol for the iPhone

Posted by Michael Pinto on Jul 15, 2010 in Videogames

Nimble Strong: A game for the iPhone

Nimble Strong is a new bar-tending themed game for the iPhone which combines the charm of an old school Nintendo role playing game with an otaku-friendly anime art direction style. However unlike so many Nintendo DS games where you’re challenged with a unrelated quiz at every turn (like Professor Layton) what makes the gameplay here so wonderful is that to advance in the game you have to mix a drink. And you’re not just blindly clicking on a tumbler to score points, but actually learning to bartend as you go along: Read more…

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Star Trek Communicator App Adds A Bit of Realism To Pretend Away Missions

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Jul 14, 2010 in Fandom, Star Trek

iPhone Star Trek Communicator App

I know some of you miss having your flip phones for the sole reason of getting to pretend you were Captain Kirk asking to beam up. Who could blame you, though? They looked just like the Star Trek original series communicators, after all. Unfortunately, some of you probably gave that up the moment you purchased your first iPhone. Well, thanks to CBS Interactive, you might not have to. Their recently released Star Trek Communicator app manages to reproduce the look and sounds of the original series handset using your iphone’s interface. In fact, you can even use it to access your contacts and make real phone calls via the app — assuming you’re using an iPhone and not an iPod Touch , of course. The app will cost you $1.99 via the app store, but I’d say that’s a small price to pay for the novelty. Read more…

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Haruhi Fans: Play The Day of Sagittarius on Your iPhone

Posted by Michael Pinto on Feb 20, 2010 in Animation, Tech, Videogames

HaruhiThe eleventh episode of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya features a a real-time strategy PC game coded by the team called The Day of Sagittarius. Well now hardcore Haruhi fans can now enjoy a real world version of this fictional game on the iPhone (available on iTunes), and much to my surprise the interface seems to be in English: Read more…

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A Virtual Space Battleship Yamato on Your iPhone

Posted by Michael Pinto on Feb 19, 2010 in Animation, Tech

Yamato Crew iPhone App

Anybody who grew up with Star Blazers is going to want to download this Yamato iPhone app right away! The app was released to promote the new Yamato film which came out last year — the only catch is that he navigation is in Japanese, so here’s a quick tour: Read more…

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I Hate to Admit It But the Interface for Windows Phone 7 Looks Great

Posted by Michael Pinto on Feb 16, 2010 in Tech

Windows Phone 7 Interface

While I haven’t played with it yet the screenshots I’m seeing of the Windows Phone 7 look great. I’m an Apple fanboy at heart but it’s a wonderful surprise to see that Microsoft didn’t just do an iPhone clone. This isn’t enough to make me switch from my iPhone, however it is enough to make me have second thoughts about switching to Android and it also convinces me now more than ever that Palm won’t live to see the end of the year. From what I’ve read the Windows team has been working on this for 18 months and they decided to focus on the app side of the phone which is their core strength: Read more…

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Turn Your iPhone Into a Monster Robot: Toy Fair 2010

Posted by Michael Pinto on Feb 14, 2010 in Hobbies and Collections, Tech

Robotectors by Nugo Designs - Antonio de Jesus Designer

I’d thought that I’ve seen every sort of of iPhone protector that you can imagine, but this this covering which turns your iPhone into a cute robot monster was a nice twist on an old concept. Antonio de Jesus who is the monster robot designer also showed me these other space alien covers which were also adorable: Read more…

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Patrick Stewart: Hates Twitter but Loves His iPhone

Posted by Michael Pinto on Feb 8, 2010 in Star Trek, Tech

Captain PicardI was tempted to write the headline for this story as Captain Picard giving his views on today’s tech scene but that wouldn’t be fair: What’s interesting is that Stewart finds Twitter limiting to express himself (well he is a Shakespearian actor after all!) yet he seems to almost be doing a commercial for Apple. It’s funny to hear that he avoids videogames for fear of not being able to quit. Stewart will be appearing on PBS in both Macbeth and Hamlet in April, and this interview was from Frontline.

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Doraemon Your iPhone

Posted by Michael Pinto on Feb 4, 2010 in Animation, Tech

It’s always the silly things that amuse me: In this case it’s an iPhone application that turns your icon set into a grinning Doraemon. Apparently this is a free set of applications from Yahoo! Japan — which include Doraemon manga as well! Here are screen shots and there are iTunes links on this Japanese page: Read more…

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Why Flash is Doomed: Warnock is Afraid to Call Jobs

Posted by Michael Pinto on Jan 31, 2010 in Tech

Flash is Doomed

So I started to think: What would it take to get Flash on the iPad? Seeing that it’s a political situation the clear answer is that the CEO of Adobe needs to make nice with Steve. And then it hit me: Who the hell is the CEO of Adobe? Back in the day THE guy at Adobe was Warnock but that was eons ago — so who is running Adobe today? And much to my shock after doing a Google search I came across the page below and it tells you everything that’s wrong with this picture: There is no strong CEO at Adobe — the company is still in the shadow of Warnock. Read more…

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Monkey D. Luffy is on Your iPhone

Posted by Michael Pinto on Jan 31, 2010 in Animation, Hobbies and Collections

One Piece iPhone 3G / 3GS Shell case Luffy Wanted

This collection of Phone cases were issued to celebrate the tenth anniversary of One Piece. The first set of three features Monkey D. Luffy Wanted, Chopper Pink, and a Chopper Black version: Read more…

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The Elusive Quest for an iPhone

Posted by Michael Pinto on Jan 20, 2010 in Comic Books, Tech

PvP #43 - cover

The latest issue of Player vs. Player features the epic quest for the Apple iPhone. Being an Apple fanboy I love it when geeky tech things find their way into comic books, and Scott Kurtz has scored a hit in my nerd zone: Read more…

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My Move Into the AT&T Hate Club

Posted by Michael Pinto on Jan 7, 2010 in Tech

Moving into the AT&T Zone

A little bit over a year ago I purchased my iPhone — I was slightly late to the party so just a little bit after getting my first generation phone, Apple rolled out the next version. For the most part it was a speed bump so I didn’t resent AT&T for the two year contract lock in at that point. However by the end of 2009 still being stuck on the Edge network was wearing a bit thin for yours truly, but I still hadn’t entered “the hate club”. Read more…

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iTimeLapse Pro: A Cute iPhone App Makes Timelapse

Posted by Michael Pinto on Nov 23, 2009 in Tech

This demo of iTimeLapse was shot in Japan — the software allows an iPhone user to make a timelapse film. You can purchase iTimeLapse Pro for about $3, although buying a fancy tripod could add to that price. Here’s a screenshot of the Japanese version of the software (which is also available in English): Read more…

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Why Google Shouldn’t Be on the iPhone

Posted by Michael Pinto on Aug 22, 2009 in Tech

Chrome OS: This is going to be gunning for any Apple netbook product.

Recently I’ve seen tech fanboys Jason Calacanis and Michael Arrington raging at Apple for having the nerve to not let Google put Google Voice into the Apple app store. Frankly not only should Apple have every right to do this — but they should be doing this. The reason? Not only is Google their direct competition, but the reality is that they’re the only company in this environment that you could call a true monopoly. Read more…

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Hey You Got iPhone in My Pocky!

Posted by Michael Pinto on Aug 5, 2009 in Hobbies and Collections, Tech

Pocky iPhone Cozy

Like chocolate and peanut butter — the two tastes of iPhones and Pocky go great together! This ever so cute Pocky iPhone Cozy was designed by Yummy Pocket of Montreal, Canada. Read more…

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A Commodore 64 on Your iPhone: An Exclusive Interview with Manomio

Posted by Michael Pinto on Jun 22, 2009 in Tech, Videogames

A C64 on Your iPhone: Apple you've got to do this!

If you’re a retro computing fanboy like me on Saturday you were devastated to learn that Apple denied permission to the developer who created a Commodore 64 emulator for the iPhone. Now normally this news wouldn’t surprise me, but what broke my fanboy heart is that the developer jumped through all the right hoops: Not only did they get a license from the owners of Commodore but they even got positive signals early on from Apple. Read more…

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With This iPhone You Won’t Get Your Fingerprints on the Screen

Posted by Michael Pinto on May 15, 2009 in Hobbies and Collections, Tech

The iPod Felt Case on Etsy

From Spain comes this amazing hand made felt iPhone. This bit of craftwork seems to be a one-of-a-kind object, but as with most gems that you find on Etsy if you see something that’s sold out you can always ask if the artist might create a similar piece on commission. What makes this iPhone work so well to me is that the artist went the extra mile to sew together every little icon on the screen, I just love those geeky details: Read more…

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Returning to Their Roots: Once Upon a Time Apple was a Killer Gaming Platform

Posted by Michael Pinto on Feb 19, 2009 in Tech, Videogames

Casual games on the iPod Touch

The latest Apple commercial featuring 20 hot games on the iPod Touch brought a smile to my eye as it represents Apple getting back their pre-Macintosh roots of the Apple ][. The hidden secret to the success of any operating system is games. Now these don’t have to be games aimed at hardcore gamers, in fact what will sell a platform are casual games that you can drop in and out of easily. Read more…

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Erector Spykee Robots: Toy Fair 2009

Posted by Michael Pinto on Feb 18, 2009 in Hobbies and Collections, Tech

Erector Spykee Robots

Sometimes it takes just the right twist to make something interesting, in this case the Spykee Spy is a WiFi robot which is controlled remotely by you but the cool thing is that the robot can take pictures and video. So while at work your robot can wander about your home and report back to you. Each robot features a bitmaped face which lends some humor to the design. But best of all certain models of the robots can act as a cradle for your iPod or iPhone (which is a nice touch):

Erector Spykee Robots Read more…

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Imitation iPhone Infomercial from China

Posted by Michael Pinto on Jan 26, 2009 in Tech

The fake iPhones from China are getting much better as time goes on! It should be noted that this is the second (or maybe third?) generation of iClones to hit the markets in China and each time they seem to get better. What’s impressive about this version is that not only does it sport an Apple logo (much improved without that pesky bite mark) but the touch interface looks like the real deal: Read more…

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