First Teaser For True Detective Season 2 Arrives

Posted by Ben Huber on Apr 12, 2015 in Television


HBO is rolling out some big hits and big names consistently — some sooner than you’d expect. True Detective Season 2 is on the way and will premiere June 21st. Revving its motors, HBO has posted the first teaser trailer of the new season, giving us a look at the new setting, cast, and well… not much story. I suppose you might be able to infer some story from it, if you’re paying close attention. What kind of performances will we get out of Vince Vaughn and Taylor Kitsch? Will Colin Farrell just be Rust 2.0? Will the series as a whole treat its female characters better this time around? Questions, questions! Yet, I’m excited to check it out and see the completed product. Read more…

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Colin Farrell Confirms Role In True Detective Season 2

Posted by Ben Huber on Sep 22, 2014 in Television

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One of the most likely candidates for True Detective season 2 has just confirmed his involvement: Colin Farrell will be playing one of the three leads in the series. “I know it will be eight episodes and take around four or five months to shoot,” he said. Right after that he added, “I know very little about it, but we’re shooting in the environs of Los Angeles which is great. It means I get to stay at home and see the kids.” That’s sweet to hear. Sounds like it’s also still early in the whole process if he doesn’t really know anything about it either. The second series “looks set to pick up on the bloody murder of a corrupt city businessman found dead the night before a major transportation deal.” No, not the… Department of Transportation! The horror! (I kid, I kid.) Read more…

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Justin Lin Set To Direct Some True Detective Episodes

Posted by Ben Huber on Sep 6, 2014 in Television



True Detective season 2 is continuing to move forward, and HBO is beginning to court directors to tackle the various episodes in the season. The first name that’s risen to the surface might surprise you: Justin Lin. Yes, the Fast and Furious director. The details aren’t all set in stone yet, but Lin is currently set to direct the first and second episode of the season, with possibly a few later as well. This will definitely give a different feel overall to this second season! Previously, we heard that Colin Ferrell, Taylor Kitsch, Elisabeth Moss, Michelle Forbes, and Vince Vaughn were all up for the show, with the first three playing the law enforcement leads, and Vaughn being the antagonist. I’m very curious to see how this season will play out! Read more…

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Colin Farrell Rumored For True Detective Season 2

Posted by Ben Huber on Jul 12, 2014 in Television


True Detective was one of my favorite new shows to come out of HBO. It surprised a lot of people with an oppressive, moody atmosphere and some creepy vibes strewn throughout. Now, with all the hype of the first season behind it, season two is starting to roll forward. Nic Pizzolatto’s script isn’t yet finished, but casting seems to already be starting, and Colin Farrell is the name Deadline and Variety are whispering. The Wrap also mentions that Taylor Kitsch is among the candidates for a leading role, but that one is a little more uncertain. Pizzolatto mentioned that there are four leading roles in season two, so this is only half of what we might get. Read more…

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What Are They Saying In True Detective?

Posted by Ben Huber on Mar 9, 2014 in Television


True Detective finishes tonight, and I think it’s a safe bet to say that it’ll be great. One thing HBO’s show does, though, is feature the wonderful low, gravelly-voiced detective archetype — yes, both of the main characters. At first it might be difficult to decipher their southern mutterings, but soon you fit right into the groove. But it looks like the crew at The Soup along with Joel McHale haven’t exactly figured it out yet in their latest parody video, in which they lampoon Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey’s performances. Not all the jokes hit, but the reactions are pretty entertaining. Read more…

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