William Shatner Faces Off Against the Gorn Again in a Glorious Rematch

Posted by Ben Huber on Mar 30, 2013 in Star Trek, Videogames


I’m sure you all are aware of the classic original Star Trek battle between Captain Kirk and a Gorn. A fight that has become both hilarious and slightly endearing, in that “old-school TV show” kind of way. Well, William Shatner and the Gorn are back to appeal to your nostalgia taste buds in this new commercial for the upcoming game Star Trek: The Video Game. I won’t spoil it for you, but suffice to say, Shatner really hands it to the Gorn this time, although perhaps they both have seen better days. Watch the commercial and revel in the wonderful silliness. Read more…



A Preview of William Shatner’s Documentary on Star Trek Fans

Posted by Michael Pinto on Jul 4, 2012 in Star Trek

This is a new trailer for William Shatner’s documentary on Star Trek fandom called “Get a Life”. This film looks quite sweet and touching from the clip. “Get a Life” can be seen on Xbox Live Wednesday July 25, 2012 and on EPIX TV on Saturday July 28, 2012 at 8PM ET.



William Shatner’s Bohemian Rhapsody

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Oct 20, 2011 in Fandom, Star Trek

This will either be the most terrifying or magnificent thing you’ll see all day. It’s certainly no “Rocket Man,” but Shatner’s spoken-word cover of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” could be just as campy — at least, the music video certainly is. I’m not sure how I’d go about explaining the premise, but it starts with a couple who are spending their evening stargazing. Suddenly Shatner’s face materializes in the night sky and everyone seems a little confused as to why, but rather than freak out, they just sort of let him do his thing. There’s some talking carps, a choir of goats, and some other random happenings culminating in Shatner’s latest album, Seeking Major Tom, crash landing to Earth. It’s truly bizarre, to say the least. Any way, if you’re looking to pick up a copy, you can purchase it via Amazon. I should also note, the album’s available in CD, MP3 or vinyl.

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Two Kirk Enter, One Kirk Leave

Posted by Michael Sacco on Jun 25, 2011 in Cinema, Star Trek, Television

Shater Arm-Wrestles Pine

For Chris Pine, taking up the role of Captain Kirk for the Star Trek film reboot was tough — not only because of the decades of fan love that William Shatner’s Kirk had amassed, but also because Shatner is a wily old coot who’s rumored to kill and eat any challengers for his Kirk throne. Thankfully, Pine survived the filming process without becoming Shatner food, and even got some critical acclaim to go along with his Captain title. Shatner had one final plan to defeat Pine, though — stage a fake documentary titled “The Captains,” wherein he’d pretend to interview all of the other Trek captains (like Patrick Stewart and Kate Mulgrew), then surprise him with an arm-wrestling contest … to the death. Okay, that’s actually not the circumstance for the above photo at all, but the documentary part is real, at least. Read about it on /Film. Read more…

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Who Needs Kirk? Here’s a Twilight Zone Shatner Action Figure!

Posted by Michael Pinto on Jun 20, 2011 in Hobbies and Collections, Television

A Twilight Zone Shatner Action Figure

To me the coolest thing about this William Shatner Twilight Zone action figure is that it was actually approved by William Shatner himself! I still find myself upset that Shat didn’t get any love in the last Star Trek film, so it’s nice to see him getting some attention for his Twilight Zone work — even if its in the small scale form of an 8″ tall action figure. Read more…

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Shatner’s TekWar Hits Netflix

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Apr 21, 2011 in Television


For those of us still waiting for our favorite Trek series to begin streaming this June, Shatner’s TekWar hit Netflix this week. I honestly don’t think it’ll fill the void, but you’re more than welcome to give the series a try. I love Bill Shatner, but sometimes I find myself asking why they let that man direct anything, let alone publish novels. Like The Final Frontier, I’ve found that TekWar serves as a prime example of why the man should never step behind the camera.   Read more…

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Shatner Asked if Takei is a Giving Lover

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Mar 17, 2011 in Fandom, Star Trek

One of the girls from GamingAngels.com — fantastic site, by the way — caught this amazing video of William Shatner’s Q&A session at this years Emerald City Comiccon. An audience member asked Shatner if George Takei is a giving lover, and if he’s interested in men with beards. Shatner’s reply was priceless. It’s fairly common knowledge that Takei isn’t fond of his old co-star, but what amazes me is that Shatner still isn’t quite sure why. Takei, for his part, has mentioned plenty of reasons over the years.

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What It’s Like To Be THE William Shatner?

Posted by Michael Pinto on Dec 1, 2010 in Star Trek

William Shatner

I just ran across this sadly under-viewed interview with William Shatner, and I have to say that for man who will be 80 years old in just a few months he looks great! The interviewer from Time magazine asks him just one Star trek Question: “Have you put the Captain Kirk stereotype behind you?” to which Shatner answers “Probably not but it was a great show…” I hope J.J. Abrams finds it in his heart to include him in the next Star Trek film: Read more…

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The $#*!heads at the Parents Television Council

Posted by Michael Pinto on Aug 9, 2010 in Star Trek, Television

On the left is The Parents Television Council and on the right is William Shatner

The amount of $#*! that William Shatner has to deal with mind-numbing! After waiting years for a decent payday he was left out of the reboot of Star Trek last year, and then just to rub salt in his wound they let Leonard Nimoy have a major role. Then Nimoy announces he’s retiring from acting which then scuttles the next film for Mr. Shatner. But William Shatner never says die! He manages to stick it to Hollywood and land the leading role in a television series Shit My Dad Says. But some people (the folks at the Parents Television Council) were unhappy with the title — so CBS changed the title to $#*! My Dad Says. But nooooooo that still wasn’t good enough for them: Read more…

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The Epic Saga of Leonard Nimoy’s Bicycle

Posted by Gia Manry on Jul 9, 2010 in Star Trek

Spock & Kirk Theater

I’m not much of a Trekkie (nor a Trekker), but even I can get a kick out of the following video, spotted at Topless Robot and shot in what I’m going to guess were the early ’80s, possibly late ’70s, featuring Leonard Nimoy (Spock) and Bill Shatner (Kirk) recalling fond memories of their time on the Star Trek set…particularly as it relates to Nimoy’s bicycle.

Oddly enough, it’s the Shat who spends more time proclaiming to be the logical one in the situation… Read more…

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MyOuterSpace.com: Proof That Hollywood Doesn’t Get Social Media

Posted by Michael Pinto on Mar 5, 2010 in Star Trek, Tech


At first your reaction to myouterspace.com which is a social networking site for sci fi fans might be that it was lifted from the pages of The Onion, but alas this is no parody. And what breaks my heart is that because J.J. Abrams didn’t give William Shatner a well deserved cameo in the last film is that now he’s been forced to get involved in second rate projects like this one. Read more…

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My Only Chance in 2009 to See William Shatner in the Captain’s Chair

Posted by Michael Pinto on Nov 6, 2009 in Star Trek

This video breaks my heart because it gives me a taste at what might have been: This was the year that Star Trek was rebooted — however the one thing missing was that one little cameo with Shatner. Nimoy won’t do another film so we’ll never see the two of them together on the screen. So it’s painful for me to see one of my childhood heroes unveil his wax replica at Madame Taussaud’s Hollywood; it’s the role that has defined his entire life and he deserves to be closer to Star Trek than hanging out with a lifeless full sized action figure. Read more…

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So Does This Mean That Shatner Will Be in the Next Star Trek Film?

Posted by Michael Pinto on May 12, 2009 in Star Trek

The above video shows a J.J. Abrams and a great deal of the Star Trek XI cast at a charity event which is put together by Bill Shatner (the Hollywood Charity Horse Show). There was a previous video put out by Shatner from this even featuring him meeting Chris Pine, but until I came across this more recent video I had realized that Abrams was there too. What at first seems like a chance meeting becomes something very planned — so I have to wonder out loud if this means that Shatner is in talks with Paramount and or Abrams to be in the next Star Trek film? Because if he isn’t this footage seems very out of place.

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This Mystic Seer Predicts a Lack of Royalties for Bill Shatner

Posted by Michael Pinto on Apr 27, 2009 in Hobbies and Collections, Star Trek, Television

The Twilight Zone Mystic Seer Bobble Head

Poor William Shatner! He creates the character of Captain Kirk and doesn’t even get a damn cameo in the upcoming Star Trek film which will no doubt generate millions of dollars worth of merchandise. But if that isn’t enough now they’re cashing in on his Twilight Zone work as well! Shown above is the Twilight Zone Mystic Seer Bobble Head which is based on the classic 1960 Twilight Zone episode Nick of Time which featured a ‘mystic seer’ fortune-telling device. The episode opens with this stunning narration by Rod Serling: Read more…

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Shatner’s Memories of Montalbán

Posted by Michael Pinto on Jan 29, 2009 in Star Trek

I’m sort of sad knowing that Shatner won’t be in the next Star Trek film, but I’ve been watching him take on the role of a talk show host and he’s pretty darn good at it. Look out Oprah you’ve got Admiral Kirk gunning for your job…

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How Ricardo Gonzalo Pedro Montalbán Merino Saved Star Trek

Posted by Michael Pinto on Jan 15, 2009 in Star Trek

Ricardo Gonzalo Pedro Montalbán Merino as Khan Noonien Singh in Star Trek II

The year is 1982 and Star Trek is all but finished — the first Star Trek movie was a disaster of bland storytelling and had no life at all. Yet Paramount decides to take a chance and allows Nicholas Meyer to direct Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. To be blunt about it: The movie was so damn good that not only did it turn the film series into a franchise — but it’s now over 25 years later and there have been four additional series and a new set of films in the works.

A huge part of that is due to the screen performance of Ricardo Montalbán (November 25, 1920 – January 14, 2009). Firstly in 1982 to all of America he was known as Mr. Roarke from Fantasy Island — and maybe lesser known for selling automobiles that featured “soft Corinthian leather”. Meyer could have cast anyone for the part, but the fanboy in him (and God bless him for doing it) made him go back to Montalbán. In fact it was Montalbán’s performance in the original 1967 episode of Space Seed that played a role in him coming up with the story in the first place. Read more…

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William Shatner is Everywhere! Just Like Elvis or Santa…

Posted by Michael Pinto on Dec 12, 2008 in Star Trek

You know even if he doesn’t have an overpaid one minute cameo in Star Trek XI William Shatner is doing a brilliant job of promoting himself lately while pushing his talk show into the spotlight in the process. The above video is an example of this Shatnermnaia in the wild from thinkhero.com. And you want to know something? Oprah look out because the real Captain James T. Kirk is no slacker!

Because there is only one Captain James T. Kirk: Bring Shat Back!

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William Shatner’s Reaction to the New Star Trek Trailer

Posted by Michael Pinto on Nov 22, 2008 in Star Trek

By the way what kills me is that they’re bringing in Nimoy as the elder Spock via a silly time travel plot device — there’s no reason they couldn’t have thrown in William Shatner into that scene too!

Found via newfilmdimension.com.

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The Latest Fanboys Trailer Features Williams Shatner

Posted by Michael Pinto on Nov 17, 2008 in Fandom, Star Trek, Star Wars

How come there’s a William Shatner cameo in Fanboys but not in the upcoming Star Trek XI flick? And speaking of Shat did you know that he once saw a UFO (not!): Read more…

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The Kirk Drop Kick (and Please Support Sulu – err George Takei)

Posted by Michael Pinto on Oct 30, 2008 in Star Trek

Shown above is the latest William Shatner video: I know it was shot in advance but I wish that Shat would take George Takei up on his recent offer to come out against on Proposition 8 before election day:

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Paris Hilton is the Secret Love Child of William Shatner!

Posted by Michael Pinto on Oct 30, 2008 in Star Trek

Williams Shatner with a PhotoFunia Treatment: Paris Hilton

Just kidding! This was the result of playing with the website PhotoFunia which has all sorts of wonderful opportunities for creative mischief:

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William Shatner on George Takei being Gay

Posted by Michael Pinto on Jul 29, 2006 in Star Trek

Video Footage of William Shatner on Jimmy Kimmel talking about George Takei being gay:

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