New Video For Madoka Magica Studio’s Next Project, Prism Nana

Posted by Bob Muir on Oct 30, 2012 in Anime

Magical Suite Prism Nana

Anime studio Shaft really knocked it out of the park with their first non-adapted anime, Puella Magi Madoka Magica. The twelve-episode series was a subversion of the usually light-hearted magical girl genre, mixing daring visuals with haunting music and a dark plot that threw viewers for a loop. Shaft’s next original anime is also a magical girl story, but this one seems a bit more conventional, though still beautiful. Read more…



The Joy of 80s Anime Magical Girl Themed Chopsticks

Posted by Michael Pinto on Mar 3, 2010 in Animation, Hobbies and Collections

Magical Chopsticks Creamy Mami

Least we think that only fanboys grow up to yearn for their youth behold the collection of chopsticks aimed at fangurls who grew up in the 80s with the countless magical girl anime series of that era! Shown above are the chopsticks which are based on Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel (魔法の天使クリィミーマミ) which aired in 1983 — here’s an illustration from that show which features a ten year old girl who thanks to magic can transform into a sixteen year old girl: Read more…

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