Kotobukiya’s New 52 Justice League Batman Figure Stands into Action

Posted by Ben Huber on Nov 19, 2012 in Comic Books, Hobbies and Collections


It just didn’t feel right to say “leap into action,” since he’s just standing there, you know? Kotobukiya is continuing their solid New 52 Justice League lineup, and the latest addition is Batman! I must say, while his pose is kind of boring, I actually like the sculpt of Batman himself. He’s a little leaner than the usual Batman figures, making him look more like an agile ninja than a hulking hero in the night. He is, just like the others, very shiny. Whether you like that aspect falls into personal preference, but I’d say he looks good paired up with the rest of the crew. If you’re looking to pick Batman up, pre-order him at AmiAmi, Hobby Search, or HLJ. Read more…

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Kotobukiya’s Batman Gets a Paint Job

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Dec 28, 2011 in Comic Books, Hobbies and Collections

Kotobukiya's Batman Black Costume ARTFX statue 1

Check out Kotobukiya’s latest DC Comics Batman ARTFX statue. Does it look familiar? It should — it’s a re-release of their first Batman ARTFX statue, which featured the blue & grey batsuit from Jim Lee’s Hush graphic novel. Now discounted, that original statue was among Kotobukiya’s most popular to date, and while it’s out of print, this latest edition more than makes up for the loss. Kouei Matsumoto’s masterful sculpt still stands as a perfect testament to Lee’s work, and the new black cowl almost makes it worth owning twice. Thankfully Kotobukiya tends to keep their figures and statues reasonably priced for the most part — I’m estimating ~$125. The statue should hits stores next July. Read more…

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Kotobukiya, Where Did You Go Wrong?

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Dec 12, 2011 in Comic Books, Hobbies and Collections

Kotobukiya Storm Bishoujo Close-up

I confess, I love Kotobukiya’s bishoujo line. They’re easily collectible, are often equal parts sexy and cute, and for whatever reason, my wife loves them as much as I do. Not only that, but each of these figures are based off a sketch by one of my favorite artists, Shunya Yamashita. Recently, Kotobukiya posted images of their upcoming Storm bishoujo figure, and the fan reaction hasn’t been as positive as one would expect. Read more…

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Kotobukiya’s Liara T’Soni Bishoujo Figure’s Adorable

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Jul 21, 2011 in Hobbies and Collections, Videogames

Kotobukiya's Liara T'Soni  Figure

While wandering San Diego Comic-Con’s exhibit hall during their preview night, a friend of mine passed along this preview sketch for Kotobukiya’s Liara T’Soni Bishoujo figure. I know that when I had dealt with Kotobukiya in the past, they had asked me, along with several of my colleagues, which games they should look at licensing. Pretty much everything we listed had been developed in Japan and would have easily lent itself to Shunya Yamashita’s bishoujo treatment. I was half-expecting to see them give us a license like Bayonetta, Persona 4 or Cathrine, but I would have never guessed that they’d manage to give us something from Mass Effect. Consider my mind officially blown. I really do love these bishoujo figures, but at $65 a pop, it’s hard to keep up. In fact, I was having trouble keeping up with it when they were just doing Marvel figures. By the time they decided to start doing DC Comics I pretty much gave up all hope of collecting them all. One thing I do know for certain is that I will gladly spill my wallet for Liara here. Now, if only they’ll make Miranda. I suppose time will tell. Also, if you’re visiting SDCC, stop by their booth and let them know what you think. Believe it or not, Kotobukiya listens to its customers, even international ones.

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A Closer Look at Kotobukiya’s Ghosterbuster Lucy Bishoujo Figure

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Mar 16, 2011 in Cinema, Hobbies and Collections

 Kotobukiya Ghostbusters Lucy header

Initially Kotobukiya had limited their Bishoujo line to the Marvel license, featuring popular superheros and mutants like Rogue, Psylocke, and Black Widow. Eventually they expanded their offerings to include heroines from the DC universe, and now it seems like they’re taking it in a whole new direction. Several months ago, they debuted a sketch by artist Shunya Yamashita depicting an original character dressed in Ghostbusters attire. It had a few people scratching their heads since it appeared to be an original design, but shortly after, Kotobukiya confirmed the design is being produced as the latest entry in their Bishoujo line, “Ghostbusters Lucy.”  Amazing, right?

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Kotobukiya’s Beautiful Bishoujo Figures

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Jan 19, 2011 in Comic Books, Hobbies and Collections

Supergirl Bishoujo

Following the success of their earlier bishoujo figures, Kotobukiya went ahead and expanded their bishoujo line to include figures from both the Marvel and DC universes. The figures, modeled after designs by popular artist Shunya Yamashita, have been selling out at various comic conventions over the past few years. This year, they’ve announced two brand new bishoujo figures. From the DC universe, they’ve brought us Supergirl, and for Marvel they’re introducing the Invisible Woman, Susan Richards. I have quite the collection going, but if they keep releasing these, I’ll never be able to keep up. The figures retail for around $65 each, and will likely be available by the time New York Toy Fair rolls around later this year. No word on if either will have a con exclusive.

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Kotobukiya’s Definitive Darth Maul

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Oct 28, 2010 in Hobbies and Collections, Star Wars

Kotobukiya's Darth Maul Art FX statue

With the exception of Darth Maul, I practically loathed the recent Star Wars films. They had their moments but between Jar Jar and Hayden Christensen, they left a lot to be desired. Maul, on the other hand, was mysterious, menacing, and the first on-screen character to wield a dual-bladed lightsaber. Sure he had his flaws, but as far as I’m concerned, this statue alone more than makes up for that lack of character development. Read more…

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Otacool 4 Might Actually Be Cool

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Aug 24, 2010 in Animation, Hobbies and Collections

Otacool 4

Just the other week, I ranted on how I felt the latest book in the Otacool series had dropped the proverbial ball with its return to otaku-based interior design, and even shared my fears about the direction the series may have been headed. Thankfully those fears may have been addressed, as Kotobukiya has recently announced the theme for their next installment — worldwide illustrators. This time the Kotobukiya has teamed up with Pixiv, rather than Danny Choo, to help them pick which art will be published. For more information on how to submit your art for consideration, check out the Pixiv website.

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Take a Stab With Kotobukiya’s Samurai Sword Themed Chopsticks

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Apr 21, 2010 in Animation, Hobbies and Collections

Samurai Chopsticks

Feast your eyes on these wicked new chopsticks from Kotobukiya. Fans of the Sengoku Basara anime series, as well as Japanese history buffs like myself, might recognize the designs. Believe it or not, they’re actually fashioned after the swords and blades supposedly carried by the likes of Masamune Date, Keiji Meada and Yukimura Sanada — warriors who fought during Japan’s Sengoku era — with some amount of historical accuracy. I’ve always had a fascination with Samurais, so these are right up my alley. The chopsticks, estimated to cost about $9 a pair, won’t be hitting stores and online retailers until sometime in July. For more information, check out Kotobukiya’s US website. Read more…

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